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We believe that developing a web site is a long-term partnership. The solutions and commitment we offer far surpasses most web design companies. The services we offer are for organizations that want to make an impact on the Internet and use this valuable tool to their advantage.

Pangaea's team develops web sites for one simple reason:

To give you a return on your investment as quickly as possible.

We are web developers with a difference, and that difference does mean something. We not only develop web sites, but we develop your business online.

Our clients span from California to Portugal with such diverse fields such as Private Investigators, Car Rentals, Health & Fitness, Pump Manufacturers and the list goes on and on... Although our clients have such diverse fields, they all share one commonality. That is to succeed on the Internet. This we can do, and have proven it time and time again.

We develop great web sites. Over the years, we developed, re-developed and updated many sites. In addition, we have successfully placed them in prominent positions within the worlds leading search engines.

Below are a few of the recent sites we have developed:

Holman Exhibits


Holman Exhibits has been in business for more than 40 years developing creative designs for exhibits, interiors, events and museums.

Holman Exhibits boasts a staff of over 80 professionals in North America and Europe and showcase their clients through creative design, fabrication and installation.

Arcadia Academy of Music Schools


Arcadia Academy of Music Schools is one of York Region's largest music school. They have thousands of students with a supporting staff of over 160.

Arcadia came to us to redevelop their website. Their original site was not receiving much traffic and was not representative of the company. In addition, students and staff were not using the site effectively.

Maple Leaf Moulding Inc.

Pangaea Portfolio

Maple Leaf Moulding Ltd. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of architectural and ornamental moulding's for residential and commercial properties.

Established in 1980 by dedicated skilled craftsmen backed by a long architectural heritage. The dedication continues today through our devotion to craftsmanship and quality.

Maple Leaf Moulding approached Pangaea as they were unhappy with their current website design. In addition they wanted to show of their products.

Using a combination of design techniques, Pangaea was able to showcase their products in a captivating manner.

King-Reed & Associates Inc.


King-reed & Associates Inc. is a premier internationally recognized investigations firm networking throughout North America, Europe and The Far East.

Many of King-Reed's clients (including that of top Insurance companies and Corporations) use their web site to request services.

In addition King-Reed & Associates Inc. is constantly expanding and using their web site to attract new clients.

Pangaea created their site ensuring security for their clients. In addition, Pangaea used its renowned SEO (Search Engine Optimization) initiatives to ensure that King-Reed & Associates Inc. was ranked well with the top search engines.

Arcadia School of Rock

Pangaea Portoflio Rock

TmyBC (Take My Business Card) is a business social network tailored specifically for businesses.

Business are able to advertise their products and services by creating a specialized BCard. The BCard allows registered businesses to describe their products and services as well as upload videos, images and brochures.

In addition, members are able to send instant messages to each other.

Creations Studio

Pangaea Portoflio Creations

Creations Studio is renowned for superb craftsmanship and innovation in design. With high standards and artistic designs it is not surprising they are the choice of industry leaders.

Creations Studio' president wanted to expand their market by having an online presence. Pangaea delivered with a tasteful design that was both appealing and brought new in new customers.


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